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Acquiring the Cheapest E-commerce License in UAE for 2023: A Comprehensive Guide


The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a global frontrunner in e-commerce. As such, obtaining an e-commerce license in this region is a significant step in establishing your online business presence. However, the cost can sometimes be a barrier for aspiring entrepreneurs. This guide explores how to acquire the cheapest e-commerce license in UAE for the year 2023.

Understanding the E-commerce License in UAE

Before we delve into how to acquire the cheapest e-commerce license in UAE, it’s crucial to understand what this license entails. In the UAE, an e-commerce license is a permit that allows individuals or companies to sell products or services online. This includes businesses that operate on platforms such as websites, apps, and social media.

Why Obtain an E-commerce License?

Obtaining an e-commerce license in UAE brings several benefits, including:

1. Legal Protection: A license ensures your business operates within the law, preventing penalties and shutdowns.

2. Enhanced Trust: Customers are more likely to trust and purchase from a licensed business.

3. Access to Payment Gateways: Most payment gateways require businesses to have a license before accepting online payments.

4. Business Growth: With a license, you can advertise your business more effectively and reach a larger audience.

Acquiring the Cheapest E-commerce License in UAE

Now, onto the main topic – acquiring the cheapest e-commerce license in UAE. Here are the steps:

1. Choose the Type of License: The cost of an e-commerce license in the UAE depends on the type of license you need. There are three main types: commercial, professional, and industrial. The commercial license is the least expensive and the most common for e-commerce businesses.

2. Select the Jurisdiction: The UAE has different jurisdictions, and the cost of the license varies among them. Mainland, Free Zone, and Offshore are the three main jurisdictions.

3. Find a Local Sponsor (for Mainland Only): If you choose to operate in Mainland UAE, you’ll need a local sponsor who’ll own 51% of the business. This can affect the cost of your license.

4. Apply for the License: You can apply for the license online through the Department of Economic Development (DED) or through a service center. The cost of application varies.

5. Pay the Fees: The final step is to pay the license fee. This can range Start from AED 5,750, depending on the type of license, jurisdiction, and other factors.

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