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A detailed Insight of Dubai Mainland Company Formation – 2023

The interactive nature of UAE’s business market helps investors to set up their companies and expand their working operations with quick and easy administration. Starting a Mainland company in Dubai can provide a professional venture and a prosperous future for investors. It offers location flexibility, 100% business ownership, and broad scope of trade. Dubai Mainland company formation needs a business license issued by UAE’s authorities after registration from DED (Department of Economic Development). Future Vision provides the best options if you consider the leap to forming a mainland company in Dubai.

Dubai Mainland Company Formation

Depending on your business needs and requirements, you can start a business in Dubai either in Dubai’s Free Zones or Mainland. Both options have different business rules and regulations and benefits based on the nature of your startup.

You must follow the following steps to start a business in Dubai Mainland.

  1. Select your Business Activities

The nature of your business is the first thing you need to decide for setting up a Dubai mainland company. Dubai Mainland businesses are free to work in all the activities listed by DED. Department of Economic Development offers more than 2100 business activities, including professional, commercial, and industrial spaces.

The activity you choose for your mainland company significantly affects your associated business license. You may need approvals from government authorities other than DED to trade on some business activities.

  1. Find a Location for your Mainland Company

Setting up a business in Dubai mainland does not restrict the location you want to operate. The location you choose for your mainland setup will depend on your budget and business activity. Mainland business setup allows you to have a large local presence and open branch offices at different locations.

  1. Select the Legal Form of your Company

Choosing a company structure of legal form for your mainland setup in Dubai is essential as it sets the tone for dealing with losses and profit. You can’t file for a business license in Dubai until you decide on a legal form or company structure for your mainland business setup.

  1. Find a Local Service Agent

It would be easy to manage the formation of a mainland company in Dubai if you partner with a local service agent or sponsor.

  1. Name your Business

It is important to decide on a trade for your mainland company that reflects the professional values of your brand/business. When selecting a trading name for your company in Dubai, you must consider several considerations. For instance, religious references, offensive language, and political references are forbidden.

  1. Get a Mainland Trade License

Once you have selected the name for your trade, you can apply for a mainland trade license with the DED. The process of mainland licensing includes ownership percentage among all partners, sponsor management, memorandum of sponsor arrangement, etc.

  1. Secure Office Space

After getting a business license, securing your office space is next. Serviced offices are usually maintained and occupied by a third party on the UAE mainland.

Company Formation in Dubai Mainland

Dubai Mainland company formation needs a deep understanding of the formation and legal process. Working with Future Vision helps you take the stress out and start a mainland company in Dubai with ease.

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