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How to Setup a Real Estate Company in UAE?

UAE is one of the top countries to grab foreign investments due to its breathtaking infrastructure, tourism, and world-class trading opportunities. UAE’s property market, which includes the world’s famous Burj Khalifa, Princess Towel, and Palm Jumeirah, is growing continuously. So, if you want to set up a real estate company in UAE, you can generate the highest returns within a few years.

The growing population density of the UAE urges business folks to invest in real estate selling and buying companies. If you plan to form a real estate company in UAE, it is the perfect time to invest in a highly profitable market. But before forming a real estate company in UAE, you need proper guidance and knowledge of the country’s terms and conditions regarding real estate. You can generate incredible returns from this rewarding business if done perfectly.

If you want some state-to-art recommendations and effective consultation regarding real estate company formation in UAE, Future Vision is here to facilitate you with the best possible options.

Real Estate Company Formation in UAE

Below, we have given a detailed guide on how to form a real estate company in UAE.

Understand UAE’s, Property Market

The first thing you need to consider to become a successful real estate entrepreneur in UAE is to understand UAE’s property market. Inspect the areas you want to set up your real estate company, contact the other neighboring real estate entrepreneur, explore the surrounding areas, and conduct a detailed physical inspection to understand things completely.

Understand UAE’s Property Market

Select a Business Model

Choose a business model carefully to get the maximum returns from your investment. You can choose from the mainland and free zone. The mainland business model has certain restrictions, such as you need to partner with a local real estate agent to run your real estate company in UAE. On the other hand, setting up a real estate business on the free zone allows you to get 100% stakes in your real estate company.

MainlanD vs Freezone Business Setup in UAE

Complete the Registration Process

To run a real estate company in UAE, it is compulsory to register it in either free trade zones or the mainland. Department of Economic Development of UAE requires you to submit your trading and business documents to get the commercial license for your real estate company in UAE. The registration process for the formation of a real estate company in UAE includes;

  • Selection of the correct type of business structure
  • Registration of your trading name from DED (Department of Economic Development)
  • A legal approval from RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Agency)
Company Registration in UAE

Obtain Relevant Qualification

As a real estate entrepreneur, it is mandatory to get the relevant qualification. Here business folks attend a four-day training program and an exam to complete the fundamental requirement of your company’s license in UAE.

Build a Professional and Well-Designed Office

After completing the necessary documentation, select an ideal place for your real estate company and build a professional office. Try to look for an attractive and clean location to give a powerful impression to your potential clients.

Follow the Latest Trends

You must follow the latest trends to excel from your competitors because UAE’s property market is ever-growing.

We hope you have a comprehensive idea about forming a real estate company in Dubai. For further information, you can contact Future Vision. Our expert business consultants would love to provide you with top-notch solutions.

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