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How to start a business in Dubai Free zone?

Dubai is one of the cities and a famous emirate of the UAE known for its high-end design, free trade zones, vibrant business community, and high living standards. Dubai is a hub for international entrepreneurs due to the increasing number of investors starting businesses in Dubai is growing year on year.

You might be wondering how to begin your own Dubai Free zone Business Setup. What are the benefits of a free trade zone for companies? We will give you these details in this article.

Select a business venture (or activities)

The first step to getting a Dubai Free zone Business Setup is to determine the activities you want to pursue, as this will determine the place you create your business. The type of license you apply for will depend on the kind of work you want to undertake, including commercial, professional trading, etc.

Find a free zone

After you’ve decided on your business’s goals, your next task is to determine the best free zone for you. There are various aspects to consider when making this decision, beginning with whether you want to establish your business in a specific free area. Production, ICT, healthcare outsourcing, design maritime, media, and finance are just a few of the industries served by Dubai’s distinct free zones for the industry.

Make your license application

After you’ve decided on the things you’ll accomplish, the place you’d like to do it, and under what name you’ll trade, now is the time to make an official Dubai free zone company registration official by filing your application. The specific documents needed to be submitted for Dubai free zone company formation will be contingent on the kind of license you’re applying for and the free zone you’ve chosen.

Open a corporate bank account

You must require an account with a bank to trade for Dubai Free zone Business Setup. Setting up a corporate bank account in the UAE isn’t always straightforward, and there are several factors to be aware of and not forgetting each bank’s qualifications. First, you must ensure you have the proper documents that you have.

Advantages of Free Zone Business in Dubai

Companies operating in free zones have many advantages that are not available to companies on the mainland. The benefits include the possibility of 100% foreign ownership with no additional permits and a 100% customs tax exemption, no limitations on currencies, and the freedom to return capital and earnings.

Because most free zones are tailored to specific professions and industries, Free zone businesses will also gain from a wealth of networking opportunities and the opportunity to mentor and venture capital. The majority of free zones offer on-site office space and co-working and the option of Flexi-desk and virtual licensing.


It’s that simple. It’s that easy. It’s as easy as completing the steps to get the Dubai Free zone Business Setup. Naturally, like any other business decision, there could be risks throughout the process. However, if you approach the process with an open eye and seek the appropriate information and guidance, In most cases, you’ll be able to have your business established in a few weeks.

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