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Setting Up a Delivery Services Company in Dubai-Everything You Need To Know

The popularity of online shopping has opened the doors for delivery service companies. If you’re considering starting a business setup in Dubai, you can start your career by setting up a delivery services company. The technological advancement in Dubai has pushed people to perform online purchases.

Recent statistics reveal that more than 62% of people in Dubai shop online. Almost all the households and businesses in Dubai rely on delivery services to deliver their products/goods. Setting up a delivery services company in Dubai can provide you with all the perks you need to achieve your revenue goals and grow faster.

You need proper guidance and consultation for opening a delivery services company in Dubai. If you’re unsure about where to start, Future Vision is here to provide you with top-notch options. Future Vision is a leading company in Dubai helping people turn their visions into reality. We at Future Vision have an excellent and professional team of consultants who would love to offer you cutting-edge business setup solutions in Dubai.

Delivery Services Company Setup in Dubai

Delivery services Company Setup in Dubai

Setting up a delivery services business in Dubai needs proper documentation, visa processing, and consent from the UAE’s government. Continue reading to know every aspect of starting a delivery services business in Dubai.

  1. Find your Niche

Various kind of services encompasses under the umbrella of delivery services. It may include intercity delivery, 24-hour delivery, food delivery services, and many more. Find a specific niche based on your preferences and partner with prospective businesses. For example, if you decide to open a food delivery company in Dubai, you can partner with local restaurants to curate a delivery platform.

Pick your specific niche and do proper market research to analyze your competitors, business trends, and other insights.

  • Select a Name and Choose the Jurisdiction

Once you’ve decided on your specific niche, the next is to choose a name for your delivery services company. Follow all the rules and tips when deciding on your company name. You can select a jurisdiction for your company from free zones or mainland Dubai.

  • Get Your License

You need a bunch of approvals from the UAE government to make your company ready to roll. You need a license from the Department of Economic Development and Emirates Post to provide services in courier delivery. You may require approvals from the Roads and Transport Authority for your delivery vehicles. All these approvals can take months to complete. But if you want reliable and fast services for getting a license, you can contact us at Future Vision.

You need the following documents to apply for your delivery license in Dubai;

  • Two passport-size photos
  • Passport copies of the owner
  • A filled application form

You may also need your visa before setting up a delivery business in Dubai. Your visa will help you get several perks, such as validating your ID and opening a bank account.

Before setting up a delivery services company in Dubai, you must keep all your documents ready and seek help from professionals to avoid any last-minute confusion. You can contact us at Future Vision. Our professional consultants would love to help you, handling all the paperwork and documentation independently.

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